The cannabis industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It continues to exhibit exponential growth with each passing year.

Nevertheless, marijuana growers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers face many of the same challenges as their counterparts in other industries. The common denominator among all of them is how to save time and money.

This post explores how you can use cannabis seed-to-sale software to run your business efficiently.

How Cannabis Software Saves Time and Money for Growers

To effectively run a marijuana cultivation business profitably, you need to know the what, when, and how much if you want your company to compete on a global scale. Thankfully, with the right marijuana seed-to-sale software, all these complex processes can be simplified substantially.

These, in turn, save your business tons of money and time. Here’s how.

Plans Your Greenhouse

Cannabis software has the uncanny ability to map out the lifecycle of each strain of marijuana you have in your greenhouse. It’ll chart how much space you need for the yield you expect, as well as the amount of light, water, and fertilizer you need to apply. This results in massive savings since none of your valuable resources end up going to waste.

No More Guessing

Do you remember the last time you had a bumper harvest? Exciting wasn’t it? But, have you been having a hard time trying to replicate the process since? Well, you wouldn’t have to guess if you had used cannabis monitoring software in the first place.

Seed-to-sale systems manage inventory, labor, utilities, and maintenance which are all vital to running your business efficiently. They use real-time data to help you reduce variable costs and optimize every step of the cultivation process.

Manages Your Inventory

If you store a wide range of marijuana products and harvested materials in multiple warehouses, it can be quite difficult to keep track of them all. Remember, cannabis is a perishable commodity.

You need to have a ready market at the time of harvesting because your product will begin to deteriorate if stored for too long. To avoid incurring financial losses, cannabis software can help you mitigate this.

How Cannabis Software Saves Time and Money for Manufacturers and Processors

Cannabis manufacturing and processing companies need the best seed-to-sale software to manage the intricacies of the sector.  This involves receiving cannabis raw materials, processing, or manufacturing them into finished products.

It also encompasses inventory before selling them off. If this system is inefficient, your business runs the risk of losing products through theft, mishandling, or deterioration. A robust cannabis tracking system provides an all-in-one solution. Here’s how it’ll save you time and money.

Informed Decision-Making

It’s no secret that one wrong decision in the processing phase of the marijuana life cycle could have serious financial implications on your business. One of the major benefits of seed-to-sale software is its ability to use historical and real-time data input into the system to generate accurate analytics-based reports. With the end-to-end visibility this provides, you are better placed to make timely decisions that won’t hurt your business’ bottom line.

Process Standardization

With the right software, cannabis processors and manufacturers can streamline their operations to ensure that the practices are scalable and repeatable. That way they can produce the same high-quality products consistently.

Resource Planning

Resource planning in processing and manufacturing is vital to your cannabis business’ bottom line. You need a reliable seed-to-sale system that is capable of optimizing your warehouse space, labor, and inventory to minimize the loss of revenue through wastage.

How Cannabis Seed-To-Sale Software Saves Time and Money for Distributors

The two most important elements when it comes to marijuana distribution are knowing where your product packages are at all times and the real-time status of your cannabis inventory.

If you don’t have efficient tracking software then there’s a strong chance that you’re losing money without knowing it. Here’s how a cannabis seed-to-sale system can help you prevent this.

Real-Time Tracking

Worried about losing your cannabis packages to theft during transit? Well, marijuana tracking software enables you to track your consignment in real-time.

You can filter, sort, and search for any batch and trace it to its location through the system. You can even complete detailed manifests of the products in delivery and have them available to law enforcement officers at any time.

Product Management

Product Management 

If you have a wide range of products in multiple warehouses, keeping track of them is not only time-consuming but also error-prone. Think about it. You’ll never really know how much stock you have at any given time for a market that you’re serving in a specific location.

This could cost you a lucrative revenue-generating opportunity. With batch and lot tracking in cannabis seed-to-sale systems, you can effectively manage all your products remotely and maintain accurate up-to-minute inventory information.

How Cannabis Software Saves Time and Money for Retailers and Dispensaries

In the states where the use of marijuana is legal, its demand is higher than it has ever been in the past. Depending on which side of the fence you are sitting on, the situation is either a blessing or a curse for cannabis retailers.

On one hand, an increase in demand means there are more opportunities for businesses to flourish in the trade. On the other hand, it also means that you have to contend with more competition in the industry.

You have to find a long term way of saving valuable resources in your business. And what’s more valuable than time and money? Here’s how the best cannabis seed-to-sale software saves time and money for your retail business.

Keeps Track of Bills

Running a cannabis business (or any other business for that matter) is no walk in the park. There’s a lot that goes into it. More often than not, you have to deal with mountains of paperwork, maintain bills and invoices from suppliers and vendors, maintain sales and employee data, and lots more.

You need to split your time between the administrative part of running your business and sourcing for new business opportunities. If you can’t do both effectively, you’ll find that you’re spending all your time running your cannabis company and not growing it.

Seed-to-sale software provides a convenient way of doing this. It effectively manages all the administrative operations by keeping track of the sales you make and documenting all the bills you receive. This leaves you with ample time to shift your focus to activities that grow your business.

Maintains Customer Information

If you still store data in excel spreadsheets or, worse still, physical sheets of paper, you need to catch up with the times. Those days are long gone.

These methods are not only highly inefficient but also waste valuable time having to sift through countless names just to get to the customer whose information you seek. Adopting seed-to-sale technology makes stored customer data more accessible in a faster and more efficient way.

Provides Instant Information About What’s on the Shelves

The thing that sets cannabis retails shops apart from other stores is that it serves a very specific kind of clientele. You won’t find any random person walking into the store to “shop around”.

How the person standing behind the counter handles a walk-in customer determines whether or not they’ll return to the marijuana store to make a second purchase. Therefore, the person behind the counter needs to have a firm grasp of all the products on sale.

If a customer asks them if they have a particular cannabis item in stock, it doesn’t look good if they have to go to the back of the store and rummage through shelves for minutes on end before they deliver a definitive answer.

With the right seed-to-sale software, they can refer to the system and deliver a quick response. That would certainly make a great first impression and increase the likelihood of the customer making a return visit to the store.

Helps You Plan for the Future

Change is constant when you’re running a cannabis business. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to be able to predict the direction the industry is headed and prepare for any eventuality.

That’s the reason why market forecasts were invented. These techniques use past business data to make accurate predictions of the future.

With seed-to-sale software, this capability is built into the system. It uses all the previously saved data on your cannabis business to give you fast accurate projections. That way, you’re able to plan accordingly and mitigate any potential for losing money.

Keeps Your Competition on the Back Burner

If you want your cannabis business to stand out from the competition, you need to draw your customers in. If there’s one thing that attracts them, it’s speed. Technology is the driving force behind business today.

Seed-to-sale cannabis software gives you that competitive edge. It makes it fast and easy for your consumers to purchase cannabis products. Not only does it save them the time and money they would use to physically come to your store but the various applications the system offers also generates additional revenue for your business.

Automates Inventory Control

If you’re a cannabis retailer then you know how expensive it is. If you order too much and fail to sell it off quickly, you’re essentially flushing valuable dollars down the drain.

Finding just the right amount to order can be quite difficult without the help of sophisticated software algorithms to do the heavy lifting for you. Cannabis seed-to-sale software integrates a superior inventory management system that finds the right balance between the amounts of marijuana stock you need to have in your store and when the time to order for a new consignment comes.

It also takes into account fluctuations in the seasonal demand of the product. That way, you eliminate the risk of ordering too much or too little of the product.

Increased Transparency Means Increased Savings

Cannabis seed-to-sale software has numerous benefits for marijuana businesses on an operational and compliance front. It increases transparency on all levels of the supply chain.

As a result, accountability becomes the norm and translates into massive time and money savings. The future looks bright for cannabis businesses.

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