Keeping track of your marijuana plants is one major benefit of having seed to sale software, but there are countless other features that you will benefit from when using seed to sale software.

Think about all the areas it requires to run a successful farming business. Not only do you need to keep track of your inventory, but you have to create customer invoices, organize customer information, obtain transportation information, log and view testing results, and so much more.

Seed to sale software makes marijuana tracking easier than ever.

Why You Need Seed to Sale Software

Software is imperative for any business to run successfully, but it takes on a whole new meaning when selling a product that is as heavily regulated by the government as marijuana is. For this reason alone, you need seed to sale software. Seed to sale software will keep your business organized throughout the entire process.

Tracking Each Step of Marijuana with Simplified Seed to Sale Software

As we mentioned, seed to sale software is important for the planting, growing, and harvesting of marijuana because it allows you to track each stage of the marijuana plant during its seed to sale life cycle. But what’s more than tracking the marijuana plant as is grows is having a method of obtaining, organizing, and presenting information any time you need.

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Specifically, these are the areas in which seed to sale software will help organize your marijuana tracking all in one place:

  • Barcode Assignment. When keeping track of your inventory, you will need a method that will be simple, productive, and functional. With seed to sale software, you can assign a barcode to each marijuana plant and tag each one accordingly. The barcode will give you a variety of information you assign to it, such as the stage of life the plant is in, what type of cannabis the plant will harvest, and what the product will be used for. This will keep your inventory organized and allow you to obtain information about the plant directly within the software application.
  • Test Results. Another important area of marijuana tracking is keeping up with the results of any tests you conduct. This can include testing for CBD and THC levels, as well as the presence of pesticides or any other toxic chemicals.
  • Point of Sale Information. Because marijuana plants are so highly regulated by the government, you will need to have the point of sale information for each plant. Point of sale information will include from who you bought the original seeds and to whom you sold the final product. This information is important because audits can be conducted where you will be required to provide this information in a specific timeframe or by a deadline.
  • Transportation Information. When shipping a product, you will likely require a professional courier to transport these shipments. When using a professional courier, you will need to obtain information about the driver and his credentials. This information will need to be easily accessed and readily available in the event that law enforcement needs an update on the shipment.
  • Government Reporting. The government will periodically need to know information about your cannabis farm to determine applicable taxes and law compliance. Jurisdictions that receive accurate information about marijuana tracking within their jurisdiction are more likely to continue allowing marijuana to be grown. Seed to sale software allows quick and accurate information to be reported to the government as needed.

How Seed to Sale Software Works

Seed to sale software is the command center for all things related to your cannabis farm and marijuana tracking. The right seed to sale software should give you access to every aspect that is related to your marijuana business within one application.

Within the application, you should be able to track each stage of the marijuana plants you are cultivating, run reports, create invoices, confirm regulations and compliance, analyze test results, record fertilizer & pesticide information, and compile customer and transportation information.

Without seed to sale software, there would be no way to gather and organize the many areas of information you need to successfully and legally run a cannabis farm.

Other Groups Who Can Benefit from Seed to Sale Software

While seed to sale software is considered a no-brainer investment for cultivators, it is also highly beneficial for both regulators as well as consumers.


Marijuana regulators have one sole purpose: ensure that operators are following the laws within their jurisdiction.

Seed to sale software helps regulators ensure that operators are staying compliant and following the law. Regulators with seed to sale software can view the chain of custody of the marijuana plant, tax information, and industry standards.

  • Chain of Custody. This information is where “seed to sale” gets its name. From the minute the seed is purchased and planted in the ground to the moment it is packaged for purchasing, the chain of custody should detail every step of the way. This is called the chain of custody because it provides detailed information about who had custody of the marijuana plant and at what stage they had custody. This is important because it lets the regulator know who they may need to contact regarding the marijuana plant at a specific time during the process.

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  • Tax Information. Regulators will use seed to sale software to ensure that operators are reporting taxes accurately. This is an area of the marijuana business that operators may like to skirt around, and regulators know it. This is why regulators use seed to sale software to monitors tax information.
  • Industry Standards. It is not uncommon for poor-quality marijuana to be produced and make its rounds. To keep this from happening, regulators will use seed to sale software to ensure that operators are producing a quality product that does not contain chemicals, additives, or other toxic properties.


Like operators and regulators, consumers can also benefit from using seed to sale software. Consumers who use seed to sale software know exactly what type and quality of marijuana they are receiving. If a consumer purchases a product that is corrupted in any way, the consumer is protected and has proper supporting documentation to make a claim. This ensures that the customer will receive a quality product after each order.

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